Team Games

Battle it out on the zorb football and archery tag arenas before taking on a more unusual team game. You’ll be at the mercy of our instructors’ imagination, and when it comes to dreaming up new team games they are very inventive! Be sure that there will be thrills, spills, fun and laughter and this party proves to be a great way to integrate different groups of family and friends.

Refreshments are included and lunch options are available at an extra cost.

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Zorb Football

Zorb Football

Guaranteed to give many laughs and spills for the participating teams. Once strapped into your “zorb-ball” the gloves are off and it’s a matter of barging opponents rather than tackling. This is a hilarious and physical team game which will leave you rolling all over the pitch.

Archery Tag

Battle it out with Archery Tag - an action-packed game offering the ultimate group experience. Two teams compete for victory using foam-tipped arrows and dodging behind inflatable bunkers for protection. It’s a combination of paint-balling (without the pain!) and dodge ball.

Archery Tag
Hand Cuff Team Game

We regularly update our team games but here’s an overview of the type of session you can expect. Our latest physical problem-solving games include:

  • Handcuffs (where you are tied together and asked to escape)
  • Bomb disposal (you must transfer a bomb to its disposal unit without it touching the ground but also without touching it!)
  • Gutterball (transport a tennis ball from A to B using guttering of different lengths)
  • The magic cane (which doesn’t like being put on the ground).
  • Where’s my chair (blindfolded game)
  • Magic Carpet (circular carpet, no-one must fall off)

10 +

Group Size


Price per person

3 hours