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St Mary's - Ancient Settlements

Our woodland area and natural resources were ideal for thirty year 3 students learning about ancient Britain and settlement, helping them relate to the struggles of survival and innovation of mankind. We talked about the importance of camouflage and concealment for hunting, and dressed up in our ghillie suits, making sure faces were concealed in camo cream to bring this to life. We discussed the 5 S’s – shape, shine, shadow, silhouette and sound and made shelters, learning about effective structures and the most important factors for a safe shelter e.g wind direction, likely flooding areas and so on. We then tested how water-tight they were with the occupants in situ! They learned how to build basic traps that they would be able to use in a survival situation, followed by fire making skills and a demonstration on how to gut a fish. Not only were they made to think about the challenges facing early civilisations but also were exposed to the reality on what staying alive would entail.

Activities included:

  • Shelter building
  • Fire lighting
  • Camouflage and Concealment
  • Traps
  • Fish gutting demo

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“'Best trip ever!' was how some of our children described the experience. The best thing about it for me as a teacher were the hands-on, practical activities - this made learning memorable for the children, and really engaged them, especially the boys. We would definitely go back!”

St Mary's Primary School