Who Dares Wins

You and your party will need lots of energy, bravery and quick thinking to take on our Who Dares Wins party. From working together to complete the field gun challenge over our assault course, to deciphering clues and co-ordinates to conquer the cryptic orienteering and to the final showdown on the archery tag battle ground! Getting married should be a walk in the park after this!

Refreshments are included and lunch options are available at extra cost.

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Field Gun Challenge

Field Gun Challenge

Like the Royal Tournament, we have our own field guns that your team must disassemble and take around the assault course without it touching the ground. This requires great teamwork and quick thinking. Once the whole team have completed the course, they must reassemble the gun and fire the “tennis balls” ammo into the target to be victorious.

Cryptic Orienteering

This fun activity will have you roaming across the Mojo fields - be warned we have 150 acres of private land - who knows where you will end up! Work together to decipher the clues and successfully navigate to the key orienteering posts. This is a fantastic way to integrate the group and gets both mind and body working.

Archery Tag

Archery Tag

Battle it out with Archery Tag - an action-packed game offering the ultimate group experience. Two teams compete for victory using foam-tipped arrows and dodging behind inflatable bunkers for protection. It’s a combination of paint-balling (without the pain!) and dodge ball. There can be only one winning team - who will be victorious?

Safety masks are provided.


Group Size


Price per person

3 hours