Hit the Target

This is a slightly slower-paced party but just as competitive and fun. Keep your eye on the prize and enjoy mastering the techniques required to be a champion archer and see if you can outperform your mates in hitting that elusive bullseye! Then have a hilarious, albeit slightly frustrating kick around our 9-hole football golf course and see who has the best foot-eye co-ordination. Finish off the session in style with rifle shooting. Those excelling at the previous activities may well find a small target slightly more challenging!

Refreshments are included and lunch options are available at an extra cost.

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Bows at the Ready!

Hold your nerve and go for gold at our purpose-built target archery facility. Whether this is your first time or you are regular competitors, our instructors will help you hone your skills and achieve pinpoint precision.

Football Golf

A 9 hole course with a difference - the holes are football sized. Aim for the flags, taking tricky shots from behind hedges and over streams. Complete your scoring card as an individual or in groups, and get as competitive as you like!

Football Golf at Mojo
Rifle Shooting

Rifle Shooting

“Take Aim and Fire!” A fantastic competitive activity on our 25m range which will definitely get the competitive spirit going and challenge the sharpest of shooters!


Group Size


Price per person

3 hours