WWII Down Pilot

Elmlea Primary - WWII

The Year 5 & 6 classes of Elmlea primary school were studying World War 2. They asked Mojo Active to run an interactive out-of-classroom activity session to revise and relate some of the struggles and training people may have experienced in World War 2. We put together a military session which included the Down Pilot mission. This not only teaches children how to read a map and follow orders, but also allows our instructors to prompt reflection on the conditions, danger and national security during the war.

Activities included:

  • Down Pilot
  • Assault Course
  • Camouflage and Concealment


  • £14.50 pp + vat for a 2 hour session
  • £25pp + vat for half day (3 hours)
  • £35pp + vat for a full day (includes additional choice of activities)
  • We have 2 minibuses each seating 16 and can collect/return your class from school. Return journey from £110 + vat per bus within the North Bristol area.

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“The OAA programme you have put together has truly enhanced the classroom experience of the Blitz for the children. Thank you to you all for the planning, the way in which you teach and handle the children and for the experience as a whole. Parents, staff and children alike are buzzing!”

Elmlea School