Hadrians Wall GAmes

Stanbridge Primary School - The Romans

This half-day session involved 60 children rotating around different themed activities, giving them an insight into Ancient Rome. The first activity focused on shield-making with a presentation on Roman military life, highlighting some of the features of Roman warfare that are still used today. The teams came up with their own symbol of pride to ensure they stayed together in the midst of battle.

The second activity involved topic-specific orienteering in which the children had to work together and find the course markers that presented Roman facts for discussion.

The children enjoyed the Roman Numeral game which helped them not only identify the numbers but position them in the correct chronological order. They learned about aquaducts with our gutterball game and practised their military warfare by ending the session defending themselves with their shields in the Testudo formation from the battering of our tennis balls!

Activities included:

  • Orienteering
  • Shield Making
  • Gutterball game
  • Roman Numeral Quiz
  • Defence/Warefare

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