Mojo Active Low Ropes

St Teresa's - India

30 children from St Teresa wanted a fun and thought-provoking session about India. We rotated three groups of 10 students around our climbing wall, low ropes and orienteering course. “Everest” (or our 7.3m climbing wall) provided an opportunity to think about the challenges that come with taking on the mountain. We also talked about how reliant the local people are on tourism, and how treacherous the route can be.

The next challenge meant crossing the “dangerous” ravine to get clean water to the village on the other side. Using sponges and holey buckets they had to transport the water to the new well without touching the ground. After this we did some basic orienteering skills followed by a route around the land. At each post there was a topical picture from which we encouraged the children to share their knowledge of the subject, prompting them with facts of our own. They surprised themselves with what they knew and enjoyed the opportunity to challenge themselves.

Activities included:

  • Orienteering with facts
  • Poisoned well / resources
  • Climbing – Himalayas

Other country/Geographical sessions include Ancient Greece, the Amazon, Europe and China


  • £14.50 pp + vat for a 2 hour session
  • £25pp + vat for half day (3 hours)
  • £35pp + vat for a full day (includes additional choice of activities)
  • We have 2 minibuses each seating 16 and can collect/return your class from school. Return journey from £110 + vat per bus within the North Bristol area.

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