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Our specialised development training enhances key areas of organisational and team practices such as: communication, leadership, conflict resolution, personal awareness and team cohesion. Our development team have many years of experience enhancing frontline military operational teams using psychometric testing and strength deployment inventory. In stressful environments, it is essential that military crews maintain focus and calm to ensure efficient resource management, and these techniques can be adapted to produce long lasting benefits within a commercial environment.

Prices start from £45 + vat per person for half a day

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These tools used in conjunction with our top quality facilities help you build a greater understanding of how your team thinks, performs and interacts with its customers and professional environment. Benefits to individuals include a greater understanding of emotional intelligence and personal awareness, and achieving specific learning outcomes while essentially having fun.

Why not have a chat to Mojo Mark, who has over 12 years’ experience developing military and civilian teams, bringing out the best in people and enhancing personal and team attributes?