Team Challenges

Test and tease even the most unified of teams… from communication and creative tasks, to fast and frenzied activities, and to initiative and mental challenges, our goal is to improve team performance and guarantee enjoyment.

  • Length of stay is flexible
  • Groups of 6 upwards
  • Costs dependent on length of stay and number of activities

There are numerous different activities available at Mojo Active and we have put together a selection of packages below. Please feel free to contact us to create your own bespoke event from any of the activities listed on our activity page.

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Your group has been stranded… can you survive? Your priorities are fire, shelter, water and food. You must complete the trials and earn points to use as currency. How will you fare against the assault course, crate stack, archery and high ropes? Should you use your points on extra time, knowledge or material, such as fire making kit, water containers or tarpaulin? There is everything to play for as you learn about prioritising, time management, leadership and teamwork!

  • Full day package including lunch (5 to 6 hrs)
  • Groups of 10 or more
  • £80 + vat per person

Adventure Challenge

Find the clues, crack the codes, unlock the treasure… have you got what it takes to scoop your prize? Here you work in two teams - Team Field and Team HQ - equipped with walkie talkies and a map. You’ll be working against the clock and completing trials, (everything from climbing through tunnels to stacking crates, firing arrows, lighting fires, solving riddles and smashing eggs) in order to gain clues and grid references that will open five locked different boxes. This tests skills such as communication, time management, problem solving, map reading, and not yelling at each other under pressure, to name a few.

  • Approx. 2 hrs (or as fast as you can do it)
  • Groups of up to 16
  • £45 + vat per person
  • Lunch can be provided at additional cost