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Team Sessions at Mojo Active…

Doing the same thing day in and day out can sometimes feel like you’re treading water - you’re not drowning but you’re just not making any real progress. If this sounds like your team at work, or you just want to change things up a bit, then come and break the monotony with a Mojo Active Team session.

As one of the largest outdoor activity centres in Bristol, we have many options available for small or large teams/budgets. We can guarantee these sessions will re-ignite passions, re-unite disjointed teams and re-establish energy and dynamism within the group. Come and give us a go, you can’t under-estimate the benefits of getting the team out of the office…

Team Challenges

Team Challenges

These can be anything from a 2 hour session to a full day and focus on testing how the team works together, communicates, prioritises and performs under pressure. There is also an enormous amount of fun to be had during the challenges so it will definitely boost team morale!

  • Stranded: £65 per person, full day (Groups of 10+)
  • Cryptic Crusade: £40 pp, 4 trials, 1/2 day (Groups 10+)
  • Mojo Adventure Challenge: £35 pp, 2 hours (Groups up to 16)

We are very flexible and can also offer refreshments and full catering as required.

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Reward Days

Reward Days

Celebrate what you want to see more of

If your team has done well, then rewarding them with a memorable team day will certainly motivate them to keep striving for success and make them feel valued. Too often companies fail to take time to celebrate success, resulting in unmotivated staff and lower productivity.

We have a huge range of reward activities here at Mojo Active - we can tailor it to be as simple or big as you require, from a team of 5 to a company of 1000+

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Training and Development

Training & Development

Our training and development instructors leverage their military experience of improving front-line military personnel to optimise commercial teams’ performance. All areas of team behaviour can be enhanced including communication, leadership, conflict resolution, personal awareness and team cohesion.

Not only will teams have an enjoyable day completing varied activities and challenges, areas of development will be clearly highlighted and worked upon and strategies will be given to use back at the office.

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Away Days & Abroad

Away Days & Abroad

If you’re looking for something completely different to reward your team then you might choose to go further afield. We have taken clients away in England and across Europe including:

  • Camping, surfing and water-sports in Croyde
  • Country Pursuits in Oxfordshire
  • Skiing in Chamonix, France
  • Activity days and gala dinners in Majorca and Gran Canaria

We can oversee all aspects of the trip, organising travel, accommodation, activities, conference facilities and catering.

The value of events such as this play in keeping a happy, engaged and productive workforce cannot be underestimated! H Easterbrook.

Give us a call

We are very flexible and can tailor the sessions to your exact requirements so please do call 01454 660075 if you would like to discuss options. Many previous clients have combined meetings with a team building activity here at Mojo as we do have conference facilities available.

So whether it’s a small team-building session, a Summer corporate party or a week away in Europe, we look forward to creating a memorable and effective session for you.