Surviving the great outdoors...

by Juliette

It’s so easy as the weather becomes colder to just go into hibernation mode and laze about on the sofa. For my family, this is seldom peaceful or relaxing! We all seem to end up shouting, the kids run about in the confined space irritating each other with their pent up energy. I get cross as I’m dodging cushions being thrown in the living room and falling over random footballs which have been abandoned in the kitchen. And as the kids get bigger they just seem to get rowdier and more in the way with their play fighting which always starts good natured then descends into teary chaos!

When I suggest a family walk, it’s met with millions of excuses why they can’t possibly come:

“too tired…”,

“we went on one last weekend”,

“Ozzy (the dog) doesn’t want to go”,

“if you make us go I’ll call childline” etc etc.

I even see my husband sigh when I suggest it as clearly only watching the 8 hours or so of rugby/football isn’t quite enough….

However, once I’ve dragged them all out then we have a great time. We talk, play games, throw and kick balls and everyone is much nicer human beings for it! The outdoors does bring out the best in us and there’s nothing better than returning home with rosy cheeks!

Well if you’re struggling to get your lot out of the house at the weekend then Mojo might have the answer. Back by popular demand we are running a 4 hour Survival Tactic session for anyone over 7 years. If you like Bear Grylls and aspire back to the Swallow and Amazon days of childhood, then you will love this. Learn all the basics of survival, including den and shelter building, how to prepare and set traps, the art of gutting fish, lighting a fire and how to hide from the enemy. The session ends with an archery skills session or a run on our military-style assault course. This really will be a fantastic adventure for young and old and a chance to learn some new skills and foster a real appreciation of the great outdoors!

The cost is £30 for adults and £15 for a child and there must be at least 1 adult for 3 children.

We will be running the Survival Tactics sessions from 10 – 2pm on the 10th & 17th December or on the 7th & 15th January. Why not buy a voucher for friends and family this Christmas?

For more information on the sessions and to book, please call 01454 660075

Survival Skills