Mr Blue Sky..where are you?

by Juliette

Although the weather doesn’t seem to be ready for Summer, are you? Here are some ideas to tone up, feel good and stay hydrated when the sun finally decides to make an appearance.

bluesky01Mojo Mark: Ab attack

With Summer holidays not too far away, here are four exercises to activate your abs and improve your core.

Build up to 10 – 20 reps for each and do them alongside 30 mins of cardio, three times a week. Let’s blast those abs!

Mojo Jo: break the sandwich rut

Mojo Active Newsletter

As an alternative to the default lunchtime sandwiches – consider one of these nutritious options to break the monotony and give your body a healthy boost:

  • Marinated kale salad (the dressing wilts the leaves and makes it more delicious)
  • Mashed Avocado on crackers – this is great if you’re in a hurry, just mash a ripe avocado and mix with a little salt and put on crackers and add tomatoes – it’s yummy
  • Quinoa salad – full of goodness and quick and easy to make
  • Baked sweet potato – a healthier alternative to a normal jacket potato, mix in tuna for extra nutrition

Team Mojo: Top tips for staying active in the heat

  1. It’s really important to be well hydrated BEFORE exercise in the warmer weather, as well as staying hydrated during and replenishing lost fluids after. Make a conscious effort to drink more in the 24 hours prior to and after the activity
  2. Try to exercise in the early morning or the evening where possible when it’s cooler but still light. Failing that stick to shady trails or try cycling or swimming which can be easier in the heat
  3. Remember to apply suncream 30 minutes before exercising outside so it can be absorbed, and wear lighter coloured clothing to reflect the heat
  4. Some people dislike carrying water when exercising, but there are some great running belts that fit small bottles of water, or alternatively use a camel back pack
  5. Give yourself a break. Exercise in the heat is harder and you need to give your body time to adapt to it. Don’t expect the same speeds or distance straight away.

Mojo News:

The Mojo team have been very busy hosting a Corporate Challenge Day for 350 people. The day started with a conference in a huge marquee in our fields after which the fun began. This involved coordinating 37 teams across 15 different activities which were tailored to the different fitness levels among the group.

Mojo Active Team Building

Throughout the day the teams were fuelled by the wonderful El Cuisine catering team and snapped by Dianna from World Vision Photos. The rain held off until the last activity but the teams persevered and celebrated success in the marquee with a few beers, BBQ and dancing until the early hours!

Mojo Active Teambuilding

A huge THANK YOU for such a lovely Challenge Day. You and your team were, as always, tremendous in making sure we all had such a good time. The organisation left no stone un-turned, and the attention to detail and all the meticulous planning really paid off as it was such a lovely lovely day. And again, as always your dedicated team are very special. They are so welcoming and just nice to be with, and they know just how to give help and support without you even knowing they are doing it. Thank you never seems enough for all the hard work and enthusiasm you all put in.”

Mojo’s Monthly Offer: redeem by end of July

Mojo Active parties

This month we have a special offer for any birthday parties or school groups booked for September. For every 9 children booked we will offer an extra child place FREE.

To benefit from this offer, please call 01454 660075 or email and reference SUMMER OFFER. Bookings must be made by end of July and the offer is only eligible for parties in September 2016.

Mojo Active Schools

Mojo’s Heroes of the Month

This month we’d like to nominate more than one Mojo hero, in fact, we’d like to nominate an entire school. The children at Backwell Junior School were amazing when we went to run our activity sessions there recently during their Health & Fitness Week.

A fantastic bunch of enthusiastic children and it’s great to see a school celebrating and recognising the importance of health and fitness. Congratulations to you all!