Mojo Adventure Challenge

A race against the clock...

Find the clues, crack the codes, unlock the treasure… have you got what it takes to scoop your prize? Here you work in two teams - Team Field and Team HQ - equipped with walkie talkies and a map. You’ll be working against the clock and completing trials, (everything from climbing through tunnels to stacking crates, firing arrows, lighting fires, solving riddles and smashing eggs) in order to gain clues and grid references that will open five locked different boxes. This tests skills such as communication, time management, problem solving, map reading, and not yelling at each other under pressure, to name a few.

  • Approx. 2hrs (or as fast as you can do it)
  • Teams of 10-16 people
  • £45 per person



10-16 people

Group Size

Med to High