Jo McConnell's Legacy

We are very sad to announce that the co-founder of Mojo Active, Jo McConnell, passed away on the 22nd of June 2019 after a long battle with cancer. Jo, together with Mark Johnson, her business partner started the company in 2012. They both had a passion for health, fitness and the outdoor life and shared a vision of a fantastic outdoor activity centre that people of all ages could enjoy.

Jo had studied geology at Bristol University and followed this with an MSc at Southampton. She had a successful career in media but it was her love of the outdoors that steered her towards setting up the business. The dream became a reality in April 2012 which was 3 years after she was first diagnosed with breast cancer. At this time Jo was cancer-free, but the original diagnosis and treatment had given her a new zest for life and a desire to make a difference. Since then, Jo was instrumental in leading the direction of the business and today it is recognised for its leadership in corporate and educational events, in addition to its thriving party, holiday club and high ropes offerings.

Despite a subsequent cancer diagnosis in 2013, Jo continued, with Mark, to drive the strategic direction of the business. She managed large corporate events both in the UK and overseas and built up strong relationships with local schools. Over the years she was equally happy presenting to large audiences to expand the business or to dress up in a ghillie suit and hide in the woodland for groups of children to find. She was also a regular participant in the Mojo Muddy Madness races, she didn’t mind getting her hands, face, legs and arms dirty!

Despite having to greatly reduce her involvement in the business as her cancer progressed, she was always keen to ensure that Mojo Active kept to it’s original values of encouraging people to get active outside and have fun. Mojo Active is a wonderful legacy for a fantastic woman. She will be greatly missed by her family, her friends at Mojo and all who knew her.

At Jo’s funeral, rather than flowers, donations were requested to the charity Above and Beyond for the refurbishment of the oncology centre at the BRI where Jo was looked after. If you would like to donate you can follow the link here: